Refusing to Stare at a Closed Door

I am sure we can all relate to the idea of finding ourselves on the disappointed side of a lost opportunity, or perhaps even worse than that, a destroyed reality.

In your lifetime, it is likely that you have already or will face disappointment and loss, this could be the loss of a job, the inability to have children, financial concerns, dreams that did not work out, or heartbreak from broken relationships.

When these hardships occur, it can often feel like you have just fallen into a ditch, and you are trying to dig yourself out of it.

There is no shame in experiencing these disappointments or pains in life.

Yet, at the same time, we do not want to allow them to keep us stuck unable to move forward in life. Your protest to this statement may be, “But how do I recover from such setbacks and trials?” and while there are many unique concerns and ways of going about this, there is one important idea to keep in mind…Don’t spend your days staring at a closed door.

Oftentimes, in a desire to re-open a door that has already been closed you may find yourself pulling at it, taking a hammer to its hinges and trying to loosen it to a place of opening up, however, this will more likely than anything, leave you more exhausted and disappointed than before. Not only will staring at the closed door trying to open it cause more disappointment, it will also distract you from seeing the open doors beside and behind you.

Missing out on the new, and maybe even better, opportunities?

When you allow yourself to be too fixated on the door that has been closed, you may miss out on the new, and maybe even better, opportunities God has for you. Perhaps it is time to stop longing for the opportunity that has been closed to you and start being open to the new possibilities that God is leading you to.

Is there a closed door in your life that you have had a hard time letting go of?

If so, do you think it is time to accept that it is closed and turn your attention to one of the many open doors around you?

If you are struggling to see the new opportunities around you, take some time to look at your life with new eyes. Don’t see things the way you have always viewed them, rather allow yourself to contemplate what life would look like if you engaged in new ideas and areas of interest.

So, when you feel like you are in the depths of a deep ditch, remind yourself to look up at the open space above you, not at the filled packed floor beneath you.


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