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    Whether it’s a demanding job, a financial loss, a broken relationship, death of a dream, or loss of a loved one, we all experience difficulties in this life. Your ability to bounce back from these difficulties is what scientists refer to as resilience. Research out of the University of Pennsylvania has proposed there are a set of major factors which contribute to a person’s ability to adapt to the challenges of life effectively…

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  • "Anne helped me to find perspective and gave very steady and practical insight. Anne is a deep listener, which made me feel safe and heard as well as an effective motivator, holding me accountable in my goals. My time with her has always proved to be extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend her services!"

  • "Anne has been an invaluable help as I've sorted things out. I believe she has a gift and even a calling on her life to help people traverse the road of life, struggles and all. Anne's calming effect helps to draw the answers out of me."

  • "Superb!! I wouldn’t hesitate whatsoever to work with her again! Thank You!"

  • “I loved learning the research behind each practice. The exercises were really helpful! ”

    Louisegroup participant
  • "My son was on 4 different medications before starting NeurOptimal®. He is now off all of them."

    J.H.NeurOptimal User
  • "I no longer overeat, overdrink, overwork, have anger outbursts, no longer depressed, no panic attacks...All of these gains are still intact after losing my spouse and the love of my life. I used [NeurOptimal®] as a grieving tool and it kept me stable. I am thriving."

    S.T.NeurOptimal User
  • NeurOptimal

    Is Your Brain Functioning Efficiently?

    Your brain is capable of optimal functioning, but when your central nervous system is off kilter your brain operates inefficiently. Symptoms of a less than optimally functioning central nervous system can include • memory problems • poor performance on tasks • difficulty sleeping • feeling low or sad • difficulty paying attention • overactivity • feeling anxious • addictions • headaches • catching colds and infections • irritability • feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

    NeurOptimal® is considered by many to be the most highly evolved form of neurofeedback available today. After more than 40 years in the neuroscience field and related disciplines, Dr. Valdeane Brown and Dr. Susan Cheshire Brown, Zengar Institute founders, have developed a safe, effective system that gives feedback directly to your brain allowing it to regulate itself more efficiently.

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