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    Why do some Christians languish while others flourish?  Because in order to fully thrive, people need to learn to lean into God and to build their reservoir of positive emotions, work with negative emotions, build their will-power, and create nurturing relationships. Good science reflects God's glory! Armed with this truth FFGs give you those tools in an intimate. supportive. faith-based group setting. The group meets weekly for 10 consecutive weeks. Each week building and deepening your faith and happiness skillset leaving you nourished & empowered.

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Want to know how just one concept was the key to my company’s success? It’s the one puzzle piece that fits perfectly into each situation, creating positive outcomes from challenging obstacles. It’s the quality that will cause your organization to thrive despite any difficulty, strengthen despite any injury, and grow despite any failure. 
I’m talking about resilience
Your team members don’t have to stay unproductive and disengaged. With the Bounce Back Better® System, they’ll be able to face day-to-day challenges with both courage and ease. And not only that, but you and your team will be trained in how to achieve greatness no matter what the circumstance. 
Unlock the key to your company’s success – both you and your team will thank you! 
Your  Team Will Learn 12 Essential Skills Delivered Specifically to Fit Your Needs.
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  • NeurOptimal

    Is Your Brain Functioning Efficiently?

    Does your daily routine wear you down? Is it hard to stay focused on what is important?

    In today’s world, many of us find it hard to function day-to-day due to stress, anxiety, memory problems, feeling low, difficulty sleeping or paying attention, and more. We just can’t seem to overcome mental stagnation that prevents us from being our best selves. And when we try to escape the old patterns that just aren’t helping us, we meet dead ends.

    That well-known Instagram bio of “living your best life” can feel so far away, but that’s right where NeurOptimal® works its magic.
    This safe, enjoyable form of neurofeedback enhances your mind’s functioning by creating fresh neural pathways in the brain. With these new pathways, your mind will be able to regulate itself (and your whole body) more efficiently. NeurOptimal quite literally trainsyour mind for the better – and that’s why it really works!
    Get ready… your brain is about to function at its peak.
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That’s why our clients say…

  • "I no longer overeat, overdrink, overwork, have outbursts or feel discouraged; I don’t feel overwhelmed, not biting my nails, less tension in my jaw, no sweaty hands, no speeding tickets...All of these and many other gains are still intact after losing my spouse and the love of my life. I used [NeurOptimal®] as a grieving tool and it kept me stable. I am thriving."

    JeanNeurOptimal Client
  • “Although I had only run 6 or 7 sessions, I did feel my focus was stronger, and I had much less anxiety while on stage, doing my routine & poses. I believe it certainly helped me win first place in my class in the competition.”

    TimNeurOptimal Client
  • "14-year-old boy was failing all of his courses in September and October of this year. After just six sessions of NeurOptimal®, he started getting straight As and continues to do well."

    D.B., USANeurOptimal Client
  • "Before the start of Anne's program, our marriage was struggling. We were communicating in a very limited manner. She provided us with tools that have placed us on a path that keeps us turning toward one another rather than avoiding one another. By using strategies to communicate with empathy, rather than react with fear or anger, our marriage is being tempered into a more healthy and intimate relationship. We are learning now what we were never taught before we were married. We highly recommend Anne's group if you are serious about turning the direction of your marriage around. Remember your early days in love? Treasure that love enough to consider Anne's program in helping you recapture it."

    M&LGroup Program Participant