“I loved learning the research… The exercises were really helpful! ”  Louise (Flourishing Skills Groups)

“Working with Anne has been wonderful! She sees situations with remarkable clarity and is able to think quickly and communicate her ideas easily. I feel like I can always trust that the different thoughts she brings to the table are fueled by principal and integrity, which are important to me.  She helped my teenage daughter to accurately weigh various options when it came to a challenging decision in her life. My daughter made the decision, and through helping her to learn how to process her experiences, her new direction has proven to be a wonderful experience! Above all, Anne has a very empathetic heart and is a great and active listener. I believe she is a gifted life coach and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve life skills or work through a situation where the answers are not always clear and easy to see.” Judy (coaching)

“During a time of very difficult change and transition in my life, Anne came alongside of me and helped me walk through that change. I was needing much encouragement emotionally and practically. Anne offered that, as she helped me to navigate through the current place I was in, assess my possibilities, and restructure what my future might look like. Anne helped me to find perspective and gave very steady and practical insight. Anne is a deep listener, which made me feel safe and heard as well as an effective motivator, holding me accountable in my goals. My time with her has always proved to be extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend her services!”  Renee (coaching)

“I would like to personally recommend Anne Nelson as a Coach and Consultant. Anne has helped me work through some of the most painful and challenging seasons of my life. She has been an invaluable help as I've sorted things out. I believe she has a gift and even a calling on her life to help people traverse the road of life, struggles and all.  Anne's calming effect helps to draw the answers out of me.”     Rae (coaching)

 “I had much less anxiety while on stage, doing my routine & poses. I believe it certainly helped me win first place in my class…”  Tim (NeurOptimal)

“A 14-year-old boy was failing all of his courses in September and October of this year. After just six sessions of NeurOptimal®, he started getting straight A’s and continues to do well.” D.B. (NeurOptimal)

 ” It was a life-changing experience!” Jean (Flourishing Skills Group)