Bounce Back Better® 


Want to know how just one concept
can be the key to your organization’s success?

It’s the one thing you haven’t been taught.

You’ve probably never been told that there’s one key
to overcome any obstacle that your organization faces.
Why? Because while everyone needs this secret ingredient,
few have been trained to have it.

It’s the one puzzle piece that fits perfectly into each situation,
creating positive outcomes from challenging obstacles.
It’s the quality that will cause your organization to thrive
despite any difficulty, strengthen despite any injury,
and grow despite any failure.

I’m talking about resilience.

The funny thing is that even though resilience
is completely teachable, necessary, and life-changing,
few people have actually been trained to develop it.
Even though we are naturally resilient as human beings,
this inherent resilience isn’t enough to face day-to-day challenges.
If we rely simply on the resilience we were born with,
we’ll find ourselves anxious and depressed,
wondering why we’re overwhelmed.

That’s where the Bounce Back Better® System comes in.

This resilience training will unlock the key to your company’s success
in the long-term, allowing your team to overcome any adversity.
A resilient and adaptable team thrives – and when your team is thriving, you have the competitive advantage against other organizations.

Your team members don’t have to stay unproductive and disengaged.
With the Bounce Back Better® System,
they’ll be able to face whatever comes their way.
And not only that, but you and your team will be trained in
how to achieve greatness no matter what the circumstance.

It’s the one thing you haven’t been taught, but you can learn it today.

Both you and your team will thank you!


#1. Growth Mindset

What separates people who fully thrive from people who merely survive? The answer may surprise you, because it’s just so simple: a mindset of growth. In order to combat judgment, criticism, self-doubt, frustration, and worry, leaders are open to learning new thought patterns. Research shows that when individuals set their minds on humble growth, they find deeper resilience and a more fulfilling life along the way.  

#2. Emotional Management

Instead of resisting negative emotions (i.e. stress, worry, anger, or guilt), embrace them. When we acknowledge our emotions as important indicators of reality, we are empowered to enjoy both our positive emotions and overcome our negative emotions. 

#3. Physical Management

You may have once laughed at the phrase, “You are what you eat,” but there really is a real and close connection between your mind and body. Your physical health directly impacts your mental health. Today, you can discover simple ways to incorporate physical movement into your routine to not only increase your physical resilience, but also your mental resilience. 

#4. Meaning and Purpose

At some point in our lives, we all sense a desire to do something that matters; to change our world for the better. A world-changing individual connects deeply with their meaning and purpose, causing them to relate in a different way to themselves and their environment – including their community, organization, or higher power. In this module, you will explore your identity and unique calling so that you are equipped to impact the world wherever you are. 

#5. Reframing Criticism

Have you ever noticed how we can be our own worst critics? Even science shows that our own internal criticism is what most undermines our day-to-day productivity. But it doesn’t have to stay that way – you can redirect thoughts that would otherwise be debilitating. Take action and see your confidence rise as your self-criticism falls.

#6. Emotional Intelligence

Control your thoughts, understand your triggers, and master your emotions. This module will show you how to use what you know to communicate more effectively with yourself and others. When you unlock the power of mind over matter, you’ll never experience emotions in the same way. 

#7. Physically Regulate Emotions

Who knew that the simplest yet fastest way to become powerfully resilient could be right under your nose? Create inner calm and restoration by literally breathing your nervous system back into balance.

#8. Belonging

Connection. All of us crave it, but few of us feed it. When we focus on investing in our connections with those closest to us, we are driven towards holistic health and resilience. In other words, belonging and connection don’t just happen; they must be carefully cultivated. In order to cultivate these high-quality connections, we can utilize key skills such as vulnerability, empathy, and listening. 

#9. Working with Worry and Doubts

“What if…?” From a young age, we all learn to listen to the too-familiar voice of worry and self-doubt. And when we hear this voice enough, it introduces debilitating stress and anxiety. Today, we’ll uncover basic truths about fear – what it is, what it does, and how to tackle it before it damages your physical and mental health. 

#10. Chief Energy Officer

Each and every day, we expend copious amounts of mental energy, whether it’s through focus, discipline, or decision-making. If this mental energy runs dry, we find ourselves vulnerable to unhealthy habits and behaviors. Do you ever wish you had a limitless supply? Lucky for us, there are actually simple techniques to build, enhance, and harness our mental energy.

#11. Nutrition

Have you ever heard the saying, “Food is fuel”? Think of your body as a battery that is powered by what you consume. If you aren’t experiencing maximum energy from your battery, you can learn to feed yourself energy by eating healthy. You might just notice that you look and feel younger in the process!

#12. Physical Mastery

Finally, after regaining control of the mind and emotions, you can become a master of your body. Learning basic movements promotes relaxation and healing in your spine, joints, and connective tissue. In fact, you can even use your body to reset your mind!