Bounce Back Better® System


12 Essential Skills Delivered to Your Team and Tailored to Your Needs

Research shows that resilience is a teachable mindset and skillset that few people are taught, but everyone needs, especially when dealing with times of change. It is the unlock key for success in long-term, massively-challenging endeavors.  Resilient and adaptable teams are the secret ingredient of organizations that thrive despite obstacles. Give your organization the competitive advantage with Bounce Back Better®.

”You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

– Jon Kabbat Zin

Titles of the 12 B6

(Note: m= mental skill, e= emotional skill, p= physical skill)

1.1m Growth Mindset: From Judgments to Curiosity

1.2e Leveraging Positivity & Befriending Negativity

1.3p Physical Activity: Balance Strength & Flexibility

2.4m The ABCDEFG or Personal Mastery™

2.5e Emotional Intelligence: Thoughts ó Feelings

2.6p Breathing for Regulating Thoughts & Feelings

3.7m Working with Worry & Doubting Your Doubts™

3.8e Energy Management: Becoming Your Own CEO (Chief Energy Officer)

3.9p Nutrition: Feeding Resilience

4.10m Mind Over Chatter™: Practical Reframes for Mastering Your Thoughts

4.11e Emotion Alchemy: A Practical Tool for Mastering Feelings

4.12p Mind-Body Fitness: Movements for Mastering Your Life