My Health Journey

Anne in Hallway My health Journey

Health is such a big part of Thriving.

How can you cultivate what matters if you are too tired to stay awake for it? Many years ago, I was too tired or in too much pain to even enjoy the afternoon playing with my daughter. All I could think was, ” I hope she takes a good nap so I can sleep.” This was not a fun season for me. Even after spending an enjoyable time with loved ones, I would find myself exhausted and feeling guilty that I could not offer more quality time to them. Ultimately, the diagnosis was Fibromyalgia. Here's my health journey.

Self Education is Key.

Every doctor I saw wanted to put me on one form of medication or another, but none of it was going to be a cure. So, refusing the medication, I began seeking ways to manage my energy. Generally speaking, I lived a healthy lifestyle, but to function well without prescriptions, I looked to increase my healthy habits. Thus, a long journey toward vitality ensued. I learned so much about health and nutrition. I also learned to listen to what my body was telling me. One discovery led to another. For instance, after doing a whole foods detox diet for eleven days, it became apparent that I had some sensitivities to gluten and possibly dairy.

Persistence Pays Off.

A few months later, I found myself in Minnesota visiting a holistic medical doctor who ran quite a few blood tests. Upon analysis, his tests showed that I had food and chemical sensitivities. Once, I eliminated everything the tests results revealed, my symptoms of fibromyalgia slowly dissipated. Yes, that right's, I am symptom-free and have been for roughly 13 years.

Moral of the Story.

So why do I share my story here? Because mental, emotional, and physical wellness is a journey. We are all just stumbling forward through life, and it's by grace that we have a chance to become a better version of ourselves with each passing day. Never give up, but instead accept the forgiveness a new day brings. 

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