Tenacity and Perseverance = Essential Virtues

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “patience is a virtue,” but did you know that tenacity and perseverance are virtues as well? In fact, tenacity and perseverance are vital moral qualities in a person. 

Tenacity is the state of being very determined and not giving up easily. Persistence is continuing with something even though it is difficult.

Therefore, the virtues of persistence and tenacity embody the effort required to do something and keep doing it till the end, even if it's hard.

Though times have changed, tenacity and persistence are still key for success in any endeavor. Even when faced with difficulty or hardship, a true champion will not give up but continue their fight to achieve their goals – that's what sets them apart from the rest! So don't be discouraged if things appear difficult at first – your hard work is sure to pay off in the end. Stay motivated and stay inspired; it won't take long before you reap great rewards!

Losing the ability to be tenacious and persevere means losing out on a lot of good that comes from these essential virtues. For example, we miss out on the pride that comes with hard-earned success. We don’t experience the huge boost in self-confidence from accomplishing seemingly insurmountable tasks.

And what about relationships? When we give up too quickly in relationships, the bond deteriorates. We hurt not only others but our own families as well.  As life progresses, we must stay vigilant in nurturing and maintaining strong connections with the people who matter most to us. This means not just communicating regularly but also taking active steps to ensure that our relationship remains healthy and fulfilling. 

With ever more distractions to keep us occupied, it's no surprise that many of us feel a sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction. This lack of productivity may be contributing to the growing mental health crisis – from anxiety and depression – in our society today. It is essential for each one of us to form an individual identity by understanding what truly matters; this helps give life purpose, meaning, and joy! Experiencing feelings of self-worth is an important part of experiencing a happy and fulfilled life.

Okay, so what can we do to bring back these essential virtues of tenacity and perseverance?

Here are some helpful tips!

  1. Practice tenacity yourself on a daily basis. Get better at it by resisting distractions and refraining from giving up as much. Start small and keep expanding. When things get hard, push through and set a goal to do them anyway. Those around you will start to notice your example.


  1. Share perseverance and tenacity with those around you. As a parent, make it a point to teach your children by seeing tasks through to the end a requirement in your house. These important life skills will serve them well throughout school and adulthood.


  1. Influence others. Practice tenacity and perseverance. Encourage it when you work with others, teach them, or have them work for you.  As others start to notice the many benefits that come from tenacity and perseverance, they will start to practice it more and, ideally, pass it on as well.

        4. Build your marriage.  Tenacity and perseverance are key ingredients for a healthy marriage. When faced with challenges, couples must be willing to put in the effort to work through them together. This means taking the time to talk out any issues, listening to each other’s points of view, and working towards compromise and understanding. It also means not giving up even when obstacles seem too difficult or appear insurmountable. With dedication and perseverance, couples are able to strengthen their relationship and come out of tough times as a stronger unit. 

Tenacity and perseverance are essential virtues that are worth bringing back. Do your part! You can start by being an example and promote positive change in the culture of your family, your business, your workplace and your own community.

Make tenacity and perseverance regular values in your daily routine and watch your own life and those around you change for the better!

 What about you? How have you demonstrated tenacity and perseverance lately? Comment below!


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