Is your relationship planted on a firm foundation, or does it feel unsteady at times? The pressures of life can make the road to happily ever after a bit rocky.  You can make simple choices to strengthen security with your significant other today!


To begin with, here are a few steps YOU can take to promote stability:


  1.     Develop greater self-compassion. Feeling more secure as a couple begins with you. Find joy in the goals that you can pursue and accomplish as an individual. Establish a pattern of self-talk that is kind, grace-filled, and encouraging. 


  1.     Recognize and accept your emotions. Experiencing conflicted feelings about your partner is normal. Rather than denying moments of hesitation, concern, or annoyance, give yourself the space to process them.


  1.     Make mental health a priority. Getting adequate rest, eating nutrient-dense foods, and working out regularly can help to manage stress levels within your home and relationship. Incorporating other relaxation methods that suit you, such as daily time for mindfulness and prayer or weekly massage appointments, may also aid in emotional wellbeing.   


  1.     Be the problem solver. Is the laundry piling up? Is the pantry bare? Is the doorknob still loose? Taking on tasks that have been sitting on the Honey Do List for all too long may not only relieve a burden from your partner on a busy week but also can mitigate lingering frustration on your end.   


  1.     Broaden your horizons. Taking on new volunteer opportunities or finding new hobbies can increase your self-assurance while giving your partner a new appreciation for you. 


  1.     Continue investing in your support system. Healthy couples rely on a network of family and friends. Make sure that you are spending time with those closest to you while building relationships with those throughout your community, workplace, and church home.  


Below are some steps you can take as a COUPLE to promote stability:


  1.     Use good communication skills. Speaking to one another honestly and respectfully is fundamental to a strong relationship. Make it a point to listen well to understand your partner’s perspective. Try to discuss sensitive topics in neutral moments, rather than times the conversation is heated. Resolve disagreements peacefully and apologize when necessary, so that when finished, both parties are contented. 


  1.     Operate as a team. Divide up household and parenting responsibilities and find ways to demonstrate additional support to one another throughout the week. Be mindful of your significant other’s needs and try to offer assistance and encouragement on difficult days.


  1.     Show flexibility. Be willing to compromise and accommodate one another’s schedules, families, and needs. 


  1.     Handle finances wisely by creating a budget together. Financial stress can cause discord in the best of marriages. Discuss spending habits and stick to budgetary goals to set the relationship and household up for success.


  1.     Find new ways to deepen your connection. Create traditions, such as family dinners or holiday outings to deepen bonds. Be affectionate, holding hands, flirting, and pulling away momentarily from work or children to have alone time together.


  1.     Utilize outside tools. Reaching out for help isn’t a sign that a relationship is in trouble, but that it is a priority. Couples’ classes can offer wisdom and marriage counseling can promote healing and healthier interactions.


Cultivating a secure relationship takes intentionality on the part of both individuals. Developing a greater sense of self-worth while adopting a team mentality can deepen your roots as a couple and strengthen the relationship’s stability long-term. 


Which ideas do you want to incorporate today, in order to reinforce your relationship’s stability?


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