3 Golden Rules for Maintaining a Healthy Marriage

married couple on a camping trip

How do the best marriages work?

We all have a different set of ideals when we walk down that aisle. Real-life quickly makes us realize that life is not a fairytale. Consequently, that revelation can cause our relationships to take a few wrong turns.

Fortunately, you don’t have to hit a dead-end if you know how to navigate those hurdles. And we have a roadmap to follow that will help.

Here are a few relationship tips on developing a healthy marriage:

1. Practice the 3 Cs of Companionship


Building a healthy marriage requires tender love and care. Small gestures and sweet nothings can often smoothen the rough patches in your relationship. They serve as a reminder of the love you share.

Plus, sometimes a lovers’ quarrel is a cry for attention and lost love.


Prioritize two-way communication instead of conflict. It works when both partners speak what is on their mind before hurling insults. Listen attentively and be honest. 

Maybe you can assign a venting session once every week or month. A non-judgmental zone to work out the problems you have.  Learning how to deal with conflicts graciously could help too. That way, you can nip things in the bud instead of letting it widen the gap between you.


Calling a truce is not surrendering. It is valuing your relationship over petty grudges. Agree to disagree on certain situations instead of waging war. You can also do a tradeoff to ensure that the compromises are not one-sided.

2. Add Some Spice to Life

 Do you want to keep things fun and exciting in your marriage?

At some point in the relationship, your love can start to fizzle out if you don’t spend time working on cultivating passion. It can happen when you wind up in the same places and eating at the same restaurants. Things can get boring when you keep recycling your date nights.

Also, slipping into a mundane domestic routine can get dull. Studies show that maintaining a healthy marriage requires experimentation. Try something new for a change and see how that goes. It could be anything from exploring continental cuisines, joining an art class, or learning ballroom dancing. Venturing into something out of your comfort zone could bring you closer.

Adding something new to your routines can be an excellent way to make new memories. It can help to build connection and a bond between you and your spouse.

3. Take a Break

Well, not a literal break from the relationship. Only a tiny chunk from the day, when each of you spends some quality time alone.

Research suggests that unsatisfied companionship is a symptom of your unmet expectations. We often demand too much from our spouse. Not only will that turn the relationship sour as the years pass by, but it creates an unrealistic expectation that your spouse is meant to satisfy your every need. 

We need quiet time to reflect and see that we have needs that have to be met outside of our spouse providing it. Friendships and hobbies that we engage in on our own can be a healthy part of our lives that we share with your spouse without them being a part of that aspect of our life.

Therefore, it would be wise to indulge in your favorite activities or connect with friends without expecting your better half to come along. It is the littlest things that make the difference.

Final Words

In the end, everyone gets to figure the unique factors to how the best marriages work. Do what best suits the two of you because each partnership is unique.

Hopefully, our little relationship tips nudged you in the right direction.

Need some more insight into your relationship? Book in a consultation to resolve those ever-growing marital issues.

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