Does life and marriage feel a little stagnant lately? 

Have you found yourself sacrificing personal goals and growth for comfort?

Are the dreams you and your partner once held dear lost in the shuffle?

It’s possible you just need a new approach to refresh your mindset and relationship. One of the great joys of marriage is growing and changing beside your spouse. Those with a supportive spouse are far more likely to take on gratifying challenges. 

Read on to discover the three primary ways to become your partner’s biggest supporter today!

Show your inner cheerleader.

1. Find activities that fulfill you both. It is easy to be excited over a cause that you are passionate about doing. Prioritize the activities that matter most and devote your time and energy to them, as a couple and as individuals. 

2. Ask more questions. If you struggle to show interest in your spouse’s job or pastimes, gaining more knowledge might spark a fire. Invite him/her to give you cooking lessons or come along to watch a baseball game. 

3. Give detailed compliments. Praise means more when there is something substantive to back it up. For instance, rather than vague flattery, express how much you appreciate his/her attention to detail or communication skills. 

4. Protect your wellbeing. Be sure you are engaging in regular self-care, with deep sleep, a balanced diet, relaxation, and exercise so that you have enough energy to offer your consistent support.

Offer loving reassurance. 

1. Focus on your shared values. In the difficult moments, help your partner to evaluate his/her purpose. Remind one another of what you are working toward, when things aren’t going your way. Discuss your future and make goals that fuel each step. 

2. Challenge assumptions. Have open conversations with your spouse to provide renewed perspective and to try to overcome self-defeating patterns. Practice stepping outside your comfort zone to set the tone of pursuing productive change.

3. Recall all that you have accomplished so far together. Remembering your capabilities can provide a much-needed confidence boost and help to provide traction when moving forward. 

4. Clear the clutter. Organizing your home and creating daily rhythms will minimize stress and promote mental wellbeing for both you and your spouse. 

Keep an Eye on Progress 

1. Develop a grateful attitude. Keep a running list of things you and your spouse are appreciative of, and reference it on the harder days. 

2. Consider challenges as small setbacks and opportunities for growth. Allow your partner the space to share his/her feelings, then work together to find solutions. 

3. Be aware of your surroundings. Assess the media that you consume as a couple as well as the network of people you keep closest. Are the voices in your ear encouraging or disheartening? Do you have a reliable group of friends and family?

Demonstrating consistent support of your spouse promotes the health and joy of you both, as a couple and as individuals. Cheer on your partner, offer loving reassurance, and keep an eye on progress to strengthen your relationship today!

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