If you have ever struggled to feel hopeful, you aren't alone.

In today's world, remaining hopeful in marriage can be a real challenge. The burden of social pressures, financial hardships, and a global pandemic can make it challenging to picture a positive future together. However, as psychologist Shane Lopez writes in his book “Making Hope Happen,” simply preserving hope in the midst of difficulty is far more powerful than we realize. Hope is an action! With the right tools in hand, you can combat doubts to encourage the healthy, thriving marriage you desire. Keep reading to discover 7 ways to weave hope into your marriage today, allowing you to move forward as a team and stay strong, even in the most trying of times…


1. Reflect on past victories: Acknowledging seasons in which you achieved something you worked for can increase your happiness and expectancy for the future. Take the time to celebrate small wins and progress in your marriage, and remind yourself that you have the ability to overcome challenges.


2. Pray or meditate: Whether you are religious or not, finding pockets of peace to think and pray may have a positive impact in your marriage. Research shows that prayer can increase optimism, self-esteem, and adaptability during challenges while reducing feelings of depression.


3. Look for the ‘third door.' Alex Banayan's best-selling book, “The Third Door,” reveals that there are always hidden opportunities out there if we take the time to seek them. In other words, do not limit yourself to the typical, run-of-the-mill solutions. Consider new and unconventional approaches to resolving issues in your marriage.


4. Filter your inputs: The news stories and social media posts you consume can shape your worldview, and, ultimately, your marriage. Be mindful of the information you are ingesting and be sure it aligns with the optimistic mindset you are cultivating. 


5. Practice gratitude: Concentrating on what you are grateful for in your marriage may shift your mindset from pessimistic to positive. Take a moment every day to express appreciation for your partner and the rewarding aspects of your relationship.


6. Set goals together: shared objectives can increase hope for tomorrow and bond you together as a team in life. Choose realistic and achievable ideals that fit your shared vision for the future.


7. Seek help: If your marriage is struggling, don't be afraid to seek help. A professional who specializes in couples therapy may provide valuable tools and support to help you overcome challenges and create the marriage you desire.


By implementing a few new habits and seeking outside help when necessary, you can face today's challenges as a couple with unity, optimism, and hopeful expectancy. Which of the suggestions above can you implement today to invite more hope into your marriage?


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