Creating a Loving Home

Is your home the peaceful haven you always wanted it to be? A loving environment is essential to a happy family life. But let’s face it…sometimes we let a completely different tone permeate the entire house. One negative interaction leads to another…all…day…long!

Are you ready to find out what you can do to reduce this negativity? 

Start by working on these communication strategies and activities to bring that loving feeling back into your home:

  1. Be open and honest with one another.

    Be sure to balance your honesty with kindness. Your family members will be more willing to listen when you use kind words and a pleasing tone of voice.

  2. Have some fun together each day.

    Family fun doesn’t have to be time consuming. It can be as simple our as having ice cream cones or playing with your pets!  (two of our family favorites) Simple things can lighten the mood and encourage positive interactions in a home.

  3. Assign age-appropriate chores.

    You can write them on a chore chart so that everyone knows what chores to do and when they should do them. This can prevent a lot of arguments! Hooray!

  4. Keep privacy boundaries.

    Adults and kids both need their privacy on a regular basis. Teach your kids the importance of having and respecting boundaries.

  5. Have a family meeting each week.

    In the meeting, let each family member speak their mind, even if it’s a complaint. Resolve conflicts, brainstorm, and dream together about future plans.

  6. Allow some down time.

    Everyone (yes, everyone!) needs some alone time and time with their friends. This helps family members feel more content and open to communicating.

  7. Spend holidays and special occasions together.

    Strengthen your bond with family traditions. Let the kids share their ideas, too.

  8. Enjoy a weekly family fun night.

    Watch movies, play games, or go to the park. We like to put ideas in a jar and pick activities out at random. Whatever you do, share lots of laughter and open communication. Make time just to enjoy being together!

  9. Learn to compromise.

    Negotiating is a priceless skill that will serve your family members well throughout their lives.

  10. Be affectionate.

    Communicating warmly and showing appreciation for the little things creates connection.  In my family, we greet each other with a hug when someone gets home. This simple acknowledgement of each other is part of making our home a haven.

You don’t have to try them all at once! Just pick one to focus on this week. Then pick a different one to try next week. It’s never too late to start!

Before you know it, you will have created a welcoming place where your loved ones can leave the stresses of the outside world behind as they enter the loving refuge of their home.

What do you do to improve the communication in your family? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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  1. Julie says:

    Thank you Anne. Lots of lovely ideas in your blog. My husband and I are retired and our children have children of their own. When they were little our home was a disaster zone – I was so stressed and unhappy and consequently felt guilty or angry most if not all of the time. I only knew Church in those days – I know Jesus now and my life is changed. I do sometimes battle with regrets and guilt for,how I was as a mum and wish I could go back and change things. But! … I know I can trust Jesus to heal the hurt I caused and lead them in the better Way. Meanwhile I’m grateful my home and relationships are mainly peace filled and happy whatever the circumstances. God bless you.

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