Do you and your spouse feel like two ships passing in the night?


Are your main conversations centered around quick meal fixes, arranging schedules, and juggling appointments with kids’ sporting events?


Does it seem that the only time you are able to really catch up with one another is late at night, just before your head hits the pillow?


Keeping an open line of communication with your spouse and remembering to share your heart regularly is worth the effort. If you are in a season packed with responsibilities but light on date nights, finding ways to connect while apart can be relationship-gold. Try utilizing a few of the ideas below to show your partner affection on even the busiest of days:


  1.     Find a pocket of time to discuss life over a meal.

    It could be as simple as cereal and coffee in the morning, catching one another over lunch break, or having dessert later in the day. If your energy is tapped, try to have two or three key thoughts ready to share- or simply exchange the highs and lows of that day. 


  1.     Take time to celebrate!

    Whether you reached a savings goal, received a promotion, or had a positive parent/teacher conference at school, revel in that success together. High five, take a trip to the ice cream shop, or pop open some bubbly.  


  1.     Look at your partner with a fresh perspective.

    Sometimes the extraordinary qualities of our significant other seem to dull over time. Remind yourself of his/her unique characteristics and achievements- then share just how impressed you are. Take time to offer compliments in the moment, or even with a note left on the mirror or in his/her lunch. 


  1.     Give your sweetheart a hug.

    In all that hustle, don’t forget to say proper hellos and goodbyes; and to slow down momentarily to grab hugs and give kisses. 


  1.     Write a love note.

    Whether for a special occasion or ‘just because,’ make the effort to put pen to paper and list off the things that you admire about your significant other. Sometimes it is easier to express emotions via paper, and a letter can serve as a memento for years to come. 


  1.     Surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift or gesture.

    Drop off a coffee or lunch, prepare a relaxing bath, complete a chore (s)he normally would handle, or send a silly meme to brighten the day. When your spouse is in a stressful season, offering even a small show of support can mean the world. 


  1.     Talk about a movie, book, song, or article that caught your attention.

    Consider conversations you might have had early in your relationship when you were first learning about one another. Let your partner get to know you all over again! 


  1.     Text a picture with a memo about why it’s significant to you.

    It may be a photo of something you accomplished or saw that day, a favorite picture from your time together, or a childhood memory. 


  1.     Dance.

    Be spontaneous after dinner or dessert tonight! Put on your favorite love song, and dance around the porch. Add a little sweetness and romance to the end or your day to reconnect physically and emotionally. 


Amid a busy season, you and your loved one don’t need to become disjointed and detached. These are the ideal times to solidify your devotion and strengthen your partnership! Use the suggestions above- or brainstorm your own creative ideas- to show that you still care for your partner and love doing life at their side.


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