Often there are signs of discord below the surface long before a couple considers divorce. Taking regular inventory of your relationship’s most common conflicts may offer insight to address deep-set problems that require care and attention. 


Identify the signs of trouble in paradise today to safeguard your marriage for tomorrow!


If you often find yourself making one or more of the following complaints, it might be time for a relationship tune-up:


  1.     You feel as if your love for one another has faded.


Those in a lasting relationship understand that love fluctuates and develops over time. There may be seasons that it seems your adoration for one another has skyrocketed, and other seasons that it has diminished to some degree. This is perfectly normal, even healthy. Disconnecting from one another in the duller seasons, rather than continuing to communicate and bond throughout, however, can prove detrimental. 


  1.     You and your partner have become increasingly resentful of one another. 


While any long-term relationship is bound to come across challenging circumstances that cause frustration or even anger, allowing such emotions to fester, rather than tackling and overcoming them, can wreak havoc on a marriage. 


  1.     You often seem to be on the receiving end of your spouse’s disapproving critiques. 


Good partners might offer some insight and constructive criticism out of love on occasion; however, a marriage should not be characterized by a constant barrage of belittling remarks. The intention should always be to build one another up. 


  1.     You are afraid to share thoughts and emotions with your significant other. 


Solid communication is vital in a relationship. It requires vulnerability, which, when met with compassion and understanding, cultivates trust. If honesty within your marriage is met with ridicule or hostility, that foundation will eventually crack. In turn, you might begin questioning your significant other’s words, motivations, fidelity, and support.


  1.   You (or your spouse’s) ex are too involved.


If a previous partner is still connected for one reason or another, it is especially vital to be purposeful in protecting unity within your relationship. Without boundaries and open communication, insecurity, jealousy, and resentment can get a foothold. 


  1.     Your discussions are volatile, ineffective, or recurrent.


Damaging patterns in communication can lead to repetitive arguments without resolution. Over time, this can cause frustration and isolation. The truth is, not every disagreement can be solved. In marriage, there are times when agreeing to disagree- with mutual respect- is the best option. The relationship must take priority over the dispute, with both partners seeking common ground in every situation. A thriving couple will make it a habit to use difficult moments to better understand one another and to practice operating as a unit in compromise, forgiveness, and moving forward.


Long before thoughts of divorce, there may be signs that trouble is brewing. Recognizing these issues early on offers you an opportunity to intervene and develop new habits to safeguard your marriage for the future!  


Do any of your common complaints need a closer look?


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