Do disagreements with your partner end in shouting matches or heartfelt compromises?


In the most difficult of discussions, do you wish you were less like opponents and more like teammates, working toward a common goal?


If you long for a marriage filled with affection, joy, and companionship, the first step you might take is improving your communication skills as a couple.  

 Relationships prosper when both partners make it a point to share their hearts regularly.  Confiding your thoughts and feelings to another is a vulnerable decision, but when it is met with understanding, the trust established will foster a deeper bond. In the most challenging moments, speaking honestly and offering a safe space for your significant other to do the same will allow you to grow together throughout life as a couple.  


Implement these 3 strategies to better communicate and connect today:


1.  Decide that the need to show love must surpass the desire to prove your point. 

 If you notice your emotions, voice, and words are escalating in a discussion, take a beat to cool off and consider your partner’s perspective. When you reconvene, be ready to admit your part in the problem and commit to intentionally finding a fair solution as a unit.  


2. Make every effort to find compromise and common ground in disagreements. 

 Realize that compromise is key to promoting peace within your household. Forfeiting a small part of what you want to reach an agreement that is a win-win for both parties will demonstrate a commitment to the wellbeing of the relationship.


3. Be an attentive listener when your spouse is speaking.

 Many arguments could be swiftly diffused or circumvented altogether with better listening. When your partner is talking, do not interrupt or plan your counterargument. Instead, take a moment to hear and acknowledge what is being said. Afterward, try to repeat the sentiment back to him/her to ensure your comprehension. For instance, “What I hear you sharing is that when I come home late from work, you feel insignificant. Is that correct?” This offers your spouse the opportunity to rectify any misunderstanding while establishing concern for the relationship over personal interests. 


When handled correctly, challenging conversations aren’t something to be dreaded, but opportunities to develop and enrich your relationship. Prioritizing love, compromise, and a desire to better understand your significant other expresses powerful devotion. A relationship with positive communication paves the path for a fulfilling and enduring marriage.  


How can you improve as a communicator today?

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