Are you laying the groundwork for a rock-solid relationship?

Whether making new friends, forming connections within the workplace, or creating a deeper bond with your loved one, the key ingredient to a strong partnership is trust. Without this central element, wariness will hinder any healthy interdependence from developing. 

 The good news is there are intentional choices you can make to build trust in your relationship.

Utilizing these 5 essential habits will establish a strong foundation from which your relationship may thrive: 

  1. Choose to be honest, no matter how difficult. Transparency builds confidence in your character. 
  2. Show kindness to those around you. Consistent respect fosters security. 
  3. Follow through on your plans and promises. Actions often speak louder than words.
  4. Be sure you can manage a new responsibility before committing to one. Being selective makes your priorities clear to others. 
  5. Regularly express appreciation for your partner. Gratitude takes vulnerability and shows reliance on your loved one. 

These principles are true for all kinds of relationships, be it in your personal life or the workplace. Mutual trust is fundamental when cultivating any strong partnership.  

Note that if you are inclined toward skepticism, it might be challenging to place trust in another person. However, such feelings of suspicion can curb a worthwhile connection. It is important to acknowledge your emotions, but it is equally important to note that most people want to be trustworthy and will exhibit integrity when given the opportunity.

It is also essential to recognize that even dependable people make mistakes. In those instances, take into consideration your partner’s apology and conduct, as well as your feelings. 

Ask yourself:

 Does his/her apology seem genuine? 

How has (s)he taken steps to make amends?

Is there a change in his/her behavior? 

And lastly: Am I uneasy or at peace?

After exploring these questions, if you continue to feel a sense of discomfort, it might be wise to explore that instinct before choosing to fully restore the relationship. On the other hand, if you have peace about the situation, and find the apology as well as the efforts to rectify the wrongdoing sincere, that foundation of trust can be renewed and even strengthened through the experience. 

Ultimately, determining just how severe the fracture is will be dependent upon the person who was hurt. Only you can decide what exactly needs to be done to reassure your heart and move forward after a breach of trust. Trust within any relationship is a crucial topic and a deeply personal concern.  

In the same way, if you have proven less than trustworthy, you should be just as willing to respond properly and repair the damage done. Apologize without excuse, commit to restoring the relationship, and do everything in your power to avoid the same pitfalls down the line. 

To cultivate a thriving partnership and safeguard its future, decide today to honor each of your commitments and promises. Choose to be honest, consistently show kindness, and communicate your gratitude. Work hard to walk in truth and integrity, and watch your relationship flourish!



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