Researching the relationships of seasoned couples over the years has given a great deal of insight as to just what factors contribute to their longevity. One non-negotiable component seems to be the shared agreement to hang in there through thick and thin. Long-lasting marriages are fundamentally built upon the idea of ‘for better or worse.’ Both partners are assured of their companion’s steadfastness.


In addition to this confidence, however, there are several secrets it seems those in long-lasting relationships have found to be true. 


  1.     Accept input from the family. This does not necessarily suggest that every piece of advice must be taken to heart, but simply that being open to the perspectives of those that love you can be both insightful and beneficial. 


  1.     Gain your friends’ viewpoints. In the same way, tuning in to other people, such as mutual friends, within your support system may also provide important feedback that is worth hearing.


  1.   Engage in competitive games and observe your significant other. Even simple board games may offer a better glimpse into your partner’s character, by gauging his/her reactions to tension, conflict, and competition. 


  1.     Make it a point to seek reconciliation. Asking for forgiveness when you are in the wrong shows humility. Releasing your loved one from his/her record of wrongs shows grace. Both elements are essential to seeing a relationship thrive. At the end of disagreements, come to a compromise or find common ground to avoid resentment or bitterness from building up over time.


  1.     Arrange dates regularly. Be it monthly outings or weekly movie nights, prioritizing time together renews romance and strengthens rapport. 


  1.     Find joint interests to enjoy together. Be it a book, television show, or physical activity, common hobbies create natural discussion points and activities over which you can bond.  


  1.   Build communication into the rhythm of your days. Taking time to chat over coffee in the mornings or dinner in the evenings builds a habit of connection. Regular moments set aside to discuss the past, present, and future can enhance your understanding of one another as a couple. 


  1.     Give one another space for time alone and individual pursuits. Time apart to develop as individuals can be as important as time together! 


  1.     Dress to impress. Making a conscious effort in your appearance might seem superficial, but a little effort goes a long way. Routinely dressing up to catch your partner’s eye throughout the week can demonstrate affection and energize romantic feelings. 


  1. Use pet names. A sweet nickname for your significant other is a simple way of creating a special bond between you two.


  1. Show your support. Whether you contribute to the household chores or attend work parties as your spouse’s plus one, a healthy couple operates as both a teammate and a cheer section for one another.


 Marriage and relationships take intentional effort to thrive through both better and worse. Walking out life at your partner’s side can be rewarding as well as challenging. Use the wisdom of research and the secrets of seasoned couples to ensure your own relationship’s longevity!


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