Are you stuck in a rut?


Do you feel bored with your daily life, yet fear making changes? 


Settling into a satisfying role and routine can offer a sense of security, but becoming dependent on the confines of your comfort zone may prevent you from experiencing positive change or embracing beneficial opportunities. Often we retreat into a comfort zone when we feel overwhelmed in our relationships, yet this is counterproductive to the health of your family and marriage. 


Developing a larger comfort zone to encompass new things can bring about a renewed sense of joy, purpose, and adventure while increasing your circle of friends, depth of your relationships, financial outlook, wisdom, and experience in life. 


The world constantly forces us to adapt. However, if you can make a habit of viewing change as positive, it will become easier over time to embrace the new rather than run from it. As you grow and mature as a person, so do those around you. Consider implementing a few of the ideas below to break out of your shell and broaden your comfort zone today:


1. Direct your thoughts. Taking a new path is likely to cause some amount of fear. Rather than dwelling on the potential pitfalls, try to focus your mental energy on the possible benefits. Trust that while stepping outside your comfort zone may feel intimidating today, eventually you will settle and find your place in this new chapter.    


2. Dream bigger. While staying within your comfort zone may look safer, it also can become mentally restrictive. Take time to envision new possibilities for your home, your family, or your career. Even if something isn’t entirely attainable at the moment, by contemplating options you can begin planning basic steps toward a brighter future.


3. Attempt new hobbies. Check out a spinning class, join a book club, or learn to knit. While you might not enjoy every new activity, you are bound to gain a few new interests and add more ground to your comfort zone. 


4. Take it slow. This is not a race! Taking small but purposeful steps to expand your horizons is sustainable progress. If you push yourself too quickly, the overwhelming pressure may drive you back into old habits. 


5. Make it a habit to shake up your routine. Drive a new route to work, swing by a café you’ve never checked out before, or attempt a different workout routine in the morning. Simply demonstrating that you can handle small changes and adapt will bolster your confidence when faced with greater challenges. 


6. Reach out. You may find that you need outside assistance as you take on a new role or routine. Responsibilities may have to shift in your home or you may feel a need for a little extra emotional support while you adjust. Let your spouse and friends know the areas you could use the most help in and give them an opportunity to lend a hand.   


7. Foster new friendships. Take the time to speak to those around you throughout the day and to get to know old acquaintances on a deeper level. Adding to your circle of friends will not only strengthen your support system but will also introduce fresh ideas and perspectives to your life.  


Ultimately, YOU need to be content with the decisions that you make. It would be counterproductive to force too many changes at once only to end up miserable. You may find yourself in a season where it is simply wiser to stay in your comfort zone and protect your mental health. However, if you are ready to tackle new challenges, build or deepen relationships, and perhaps look to the future with a sense of excitement, start small with these simple ideas and see just how large your comfort zone can grow.


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